Working with your Funeral Director, we will do everything possible to make the Rite of Christian Burial a beautiful and moving worship service for family and friends. Families are encouraged to meet with Fr. Hebert before the funeral so he can get to know them and something about their loved one. Please call the rectory to schedule an appointment. Since there is a daily Mass (Monday — Thursday at 9:00 am), normally 10:00 am is the earliest  a funeral can be scheduled. 

Usually, the Rite of Christian Burial will include a Vigil Service the day before the Funeral Mass and a brief prayer service at the grave site. In the case of cremation after the Funeral Mass, the graveside service can be arranged for a later time. In case of genuine need, when cremation must take place before the Funeral Mass, the cremated remains may be placed in the church during the funeral. A workbook is available in advance for those who wish to plan a funeral by choosing the prayers and readings. An organist and cantor are available. 

Members of the family may wish to serve as readers of the Scriptures and presenters of the bread and wine. We will do all that we can to honor special requests for favorite hymns. There is an occasion in the liturgy where a member of the family or a friend may offer some brief words of remembrance.