Grades 1, 3 - 8


Faith Formation Remote Leaning

for Grades 1, & 3 through 8
(Students in grades 9 see Life Teen Program)
(Updated 10/19/2020)

Welcome to St. Bernards Faith Formation Remote Learning page. Here you will find the neccesary information and link to your child's Grade Level curriculum. We have included a copy of the Remote Parent Guidelines as well as the Parent Registration letter provided at the time of registration. Required for the remote learning are grade level text books that were either purchased at the time of registration or one that you already own.  
For access to the Remote Learning folders click:   St. Bernard Remote Learning

Opening Day for Face to Face Grade 2
Classes start on the following dates:
Sunday:             November 1, 2020
Wednesday:       November 4, 2020

On opening day, parents are asked to stay with their child in the hall until classes are assigned. This will allow us a chance to provide you and your child with important information about the upcoming year and events that will take place.