St. Bernard's is part of the Fall River Diocese which includes Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands. We celebrate our diversity, yet we stand together as one. Together we strive to be holy. “Catholic” means “universal” — open to all people of all ethnics, of all races, of all economic levels. We are proud to be called Catholic. Our parish conducts various programs to serve you and our community. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our many activities.


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Please read Fr Jim's Column below for an important message.

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Sunday Mass 4/18/2021

Sunday Mass 4/11/2021

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Sunday Mass 3/21/2021

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Fr Jim's Column

                                                                  Father Jim’s Column
Dear Friends,
I would like to address my words this week to all ourfriends who have not been able to join us due to the Pandemic. WE MISS YOU! In healthier times, we have an average attendance of about 600 attendees spread over four Masses.
Since the church reopened on June 1st, we’ve had an average of 220 each weekend...about 1/3 of the normal congregation. We are following all the protocols set out by the State, as well as, the Diocese. All persons call to register for a seat at Mass: this guarantees you a seat and if we have to notify you that
someone at the Mass tested positive for COVID, we’d be able to contact you. In addition, all seats are six feet apart, all members wear face masks and there is plenty of hand sanitizer. Also, everyone receives Holy Communion in the hand and I sanitize before and after I distribute Holy Communion and I wear a face shield to give Holy Communion. As you know, the obligation to attend Sunday Mass has been dispensed since last March. Imagine...that means that 2/3 of our parishioners have not been present for Sunday worship...and worse...have not received the Eucharist...the Bread of Life...the center of our Faith! And while I understand FULLY why folks are staying away, yet I see some of our friends at restaurants, wakes and even Planet Fitness. Many of us priests are beginning to feel that it has become too easy to stay home...away from Sunday worship. WILL PEOPLE EVER COME BACK?
All that aside, there is the FINANCIAL PIECE of the Pandemic. I hope all parishioners take the time to read the Sunday  Bulletin available on the Saint Bernard Parish website...and I hope many are taking advantage of the SUNDAY MASS TAPED AND AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE BY SUNDAY AT NOON. I thank Brian Correia for faithfully taping the Mass each Sunday for your convenience during the Pandemic. In the bulletin each week, there is printed the WEEKLY FINANCIAL STATEMENT. Have you been watching the “Income and Expenses?” Many weeks we are spending more than we are taking in. I believe this is due in large part to an erroneous belief that if I don’t go to church...I don’t have to give. That’s just not so. Whether our people
come to Sunday Mass or not, the Church is still open and active: Mass is offered daily...the babies are baptized...the sick are anointed...the dead are buried...even five couples received the Sacrament of Matrimony during the Pandemic...and this year there are 388 students in Faith Formation. The financial support of Saint Bernard’s Parish is the responsibility of everyone. In short, the Church is here when
you need us. So I am asking all parishioners (those who receive envelopes, as well as, those who choose not to use them) to think about making a regular contribution to Saint Bernard’s. Stick us someplace between the gas and electric bills in order that our Parish will remain financially solvent as we navigate through the Pandemic.
Soon we will begin the Season of Lent. Once again, this year we will have the ANNUAL APPEAL, “My Lenten
Sacrifice to my Parish.” This will run through the months of February, March and April. You will receive a letter from me and an envelope. Please consider how generous you might be able to be, considering your own finances during the Pandemic. Finally, I want to applaud all those who so faithfully submit weekly envelopes in the mail and by dropping them off. And...many are taking advantage of online giving (think about it!) Because of your devotion to Saint Bernard’s the “heat is steaming...and the lights are blinking.”
I hope all who have been away will think about joining us once again in the near future. Know that each week at Mass we lift up in prayer all who have been affected by Covid...those who are sick…their families...the medical staff and first responders.

Our Lady of Health, pray for us!
Yours in Our Lord,
Father Jim

Bernie's Bucks

Membership to Bernie's Bucks runs from September to June.  $15.00 per month - $150.00 for 10 months

Monthly payments must be made by the end of each month to be eligible for that month's drawings of $100.00 per week.  Full payment of $150.00 must be received by June 15th to be eligible for the

Grand Prize Drawings -      $2,000.00      $1,000.00         $500.00       and entitled to attend the annual brunch at no extra cost

Members paid in full by Nov. 30th are eligible for a special drawing of $500.00 held the 1st Saturday of December

  click this link for the registration form -  Bernie's Bucks Registration Form

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Online Giving is available for one-time donations, recurring weekly offerings, as well as other parish collections. Donating is simple, safe, and secure and takes less than five minutes. For more information and instructions, click here. To donate on-line, click on the "Give Online" image below. Please email Online Giving Support for questions or assistance. Thank you for your generosity!

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