People are often amazed to know that the largest and fastest growing denomination in the country is the Catholic Church.

Did you know that in the United States today, our active Catholic family totals about forty nine million men, women, and children? About nineteen thousand parish communities gather together to praise God and to help one another spiritually and socially as we journey towards our eternal home. Our priests, deacons, sisters, and laity serve in hospitals, universities, colleges, schools, courts, prisons and foreign missions.  In addition, we also sponsor education programs, social ministries, and youth ministries. There are special services for the elderly and people with disabilities, as well as for various ethnic groups. Our particular parish, St. Bernard, is part of the local Catholic Church of Fall River, including all of Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and the Islands. We celebrate our diversity, yet we stand together as one.  Together we are striving to be holy. “Catholic” means “universal” — open to all people of all ethnic , of all races, of all economic levels, of all lifestyles.  We are proud to be called Catholic. Our parish conducts various programs to serve you and our community. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our many activities.

Now here is something really surprising. Not only are Catholics the largest denomination in the United States, we are also the second largest! Studies indicate that there are about twelve million adult American Catholics who are inactive or estranged. If this includes you, your church simply says this “WE MISS YOU!” Our church is weaker because you are not worshipping with us. Perhaps you, too, feel spiritually poorer because you may no longer here the bible proclaimed and because you are no longer fed with the Body of Christ. Whatever the reason for you absence, we would enjoy seeing you again.  You've changed. We've changed. Isn't it time for a second look?